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Included in Sweetie gift box

Pure Bliss Macadamia 80g

Macadamias covered in pure Belgian style dark chocolate. Hand panned to create a perfectly rounded, polished finish.

Herb & Spice Mill Russian Fudge Pistachio 100g

Guaranteed to satisfy the most sinful candy cravings.
Handmade Russian Fudge is sweet and crumbly all in one bite. Eat straight from the bag, or as a lively kick to ice cream as a crumbly topping.

Molly Woppy Lemon Moment Bites 165g

Handmade Lemon Moment Bites

Take a moment and dream of buttery cloud puffed loveliness, sandwiched with delicate lemon buttery cream – sweet yet tarty Melting Moments.

Molly Woppy Passionfruit Short Bread Bites 150g

Handmade Passionfruit Short Bread Bites

Traditional buttery shortbread enriched with passionfruit and crunchy little jewels.


Donnovans Manuka Honeycomb Milk Chocolate100g 

Made in New Zealand

  • Crafted using traditional Swiss technology
  • Delicious Manuka Honey flavour
  • Milk chocolate with the crackle of honeycomb

Bennetto - Amaranth & Sea Salt Bar 100g

Rich dark Peruvian chocolate textured with popped amaranth grains and a sprinkling of sea salt. No added dairy, gluten or soy. Vegan certified through the Vegan Society and coeliac society approved.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, popped amaranth (10%), sea salt (0.6%), Madagascar vanilla beans.

Bennetto - Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mini Bars 30g

60% single origin Ecuadorian organic cocoa with organic freeze-dried raspberry pieces. That’s all!

Organic, Fairtrade and vegan certified. no added milk or soy

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, dried raspberries, Madagascar vanilla beans.

Bennetto - Coffee Dark Chocolate Mini Bars 30g

Deep and dark Ecuadorian organic chocolate, combined with crunchy milled Peruvian coffee beans, for a rich coffee-chocolate flavour sensation. A definite winner!

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, coffee brittle (coffee beans, cane sugar), Madagascar vanilla beans.

Whittakers Milk Chocolate Sante Bar 25g

Individual chocolate sante bar with creamy whittakers milk chocolate

Donovans Rocky Road Clusters 150g

Donovans Chocolate Caramel Squares180g

Donovans Creamy Russian Fudge 200g

Beautifully styled gift box 

Gift items are packed in a luxury white gift box cushioned with wood wool, our custom tissue paper, sealed with a crafted with love sticker, gift card with your message, finished off with a beautiful ribbon ready to be sent away.