Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays Gift Box

Deutz Methode Traditionnelle Brut

750ML bottle of NZ

Festive trees white choc topped gingerbread 145g

Gingerbread dipped in the creamiest of white chocolate. 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie 80g

The ultimate in irresistible, chocolatey deliciousness. Sit back, relax & enjoy our classic chocolate fudge brownie. Indulge yourself and serve warm with whipped cream.

Sugarcrave Bubby Bears 100g

Gorgeous Bubbly infused Gummies are perfect for celebrations. 

The Ultimate Fruit Pudding 140g

Decadent Fruit Pudding is rich, filled with fruit and threaded with slender strands of Lemon Peel. It has a light crunch of Almonds and is suitably infused with Brandy and Apple Cider.

Herb & Spice Luxury Nut Mix 100g

The perfect nut mix, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts.

Cheddar & Poppy Seed Wafers 60g

The perfect partner for any dip, Cheese or rich course Pate.

Wine Jelly 120 mls

Heaven on a plate. This wine-soused jelly is only for ‘Hedonistic Pleasure Seekers’.

Crave food Salted Toffee Pretzels 100g

Salty Crunchy Pretzels drizzled in a caramel Toffee!

White Iced Gingerbread Star

Individually wrapped gingerbread star, topped with mouth-watering white fondant icing.

Herb & Spice Mill Crumbly Russian Fudge 100g

Guaranteed to satisfy the most sinful candy cravings.
Handmade Russian Fudge is sweet and crumbly all in one bite. Eat straight from the bag, or as a lively kick to ice cream as a crumbly topping.

Donnovans Manuka Honeycomb Milk Chocolate100g 

Made in New Zealand

  • Crafted using traditional Swiss technology
  • Delicious Manuka Honey flavour
  • Milk chocolate with the crackle of honeycomb


Beautifully styled gift box 

Gift items are packed in a luxury white gift box cushioned with wood wool, our custom tissue paper, sealed with a crafted with love sticker, gift card with your message, finished off with a beautiful ribbon ready to be sent away.